Bermuda based architectural firm Brick Verde was established in 2013 and operates within the residential, commercial, hospitality and institutional sectors. The firm focuses on architectural, interior, landscape and urban design solutions and combines hand sketches, drawings and model building with state of the art CAD, 3D modelling and animation tools to enhance the overall design experience. Brick Verde’s fully integrated service also includes quantity surveying and project management services to ensure that projects are properly managed through to completion.



Our objective in design is to incorporate a holistic design approach that integrates users, uses, context (location, place, culture and heritage), ecologies, sustainability principles, innovations and technologies.




"We aspire to create efficient design solutions that express unique architectural creativity through innovation and sustainability. With each project we ensure that the highest qualities and standards are met."

Brick Verde is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council

Kristina Graham-Ward

BSc, MArch, MSc




T: +1 441 707 0700


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